Effect assurance



We have Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan technology transfer "Antrodia mycelium and fruiting body identification technology", and thus analysis and identification technology as the basis for quality control of each batch of the harvest. Except the component identification of the HPLC chromatogram, we also do all kinds of cellular activity tests to confirm the effectiveness of the activity of each batch of raw materials stable !
We also completed the safety toxicology test, and ensure the effectiveness of a number of animal experiments is Antrodia the industry's safest and most complete fruiting body material !


Cell assay

DPPH radical scavenging activity

Induced cancer cells apoptosis
Induced lung adenocarcinoma

Reduce liver cells GOT (in vitro)
Reduction the liver damage (in vitro)
Repression fibrogenesis in hepatic stellate cells (in vitro)

Animal Experiment

CCL4-induced hepatic toxicity in rats(in vivo)
Development of a mouse model of alcohol-induced acute liver injury (in vivo) (in vivo)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver (in vivo)