Company Introduction


Cojet CAC101 R&D team was established in 2006 Jaunary.The Cojet and its CAC101 R & D team is the only biotech company invited by the Asian Productivity Organization to present our patented ( USA, China, Taiwan) technology on the cultivation of Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body. We provides ODM and OEM services to develop Antrodia cinnamomea related products such as displayed: Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body and extracts.

We are the only company for Antrodia cinnamomea industry to be selected and approved by Taiwanese government, and located in NanKang Biotech Incubation Center (NBIC) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The first company in Taiwan to develop successfully Antrodia cinnamomea fruitig body under artificial aseptic environment.

We are able to standardize mass production with each batch containing stable and standardized ingredients equivalent to a two-year wild fruiting body.

Our CAC101 cultivation technology has received patents in the U.S. and Taiwan.

We provide OEM/ODM and supply raw materials to many renowned corporations in Taiwan.

The only biotech company in Taiwan to be invited to publish achievements to the Asian Productivity Organization (APO).

The only Taiwanese firm to obtain global authorized strain.

The only Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body in Taiwan to complete the 28-day subacute oral repeat dose toxicity study (SOR).

Complete antrodia cinnamomea CAC101 fruiting body 90 days subchronic toxicity study.